Louisa, an actual patient of Dr. Bilello, stands in front of a brick wall to promote dental reviews for Houma Comprehensive Dentistry.Actual Patient

We help you achieve and maintain a dazzling, healthy smile!


The level of compassion and high-end dental care provided in the office of Dr. Bilello shines in the smiles and dental reviews of our Houma patients. Read what patients of Dr. Bilello have to say about the topnotch dental experiences we are pleased to offer.

Read Dental Reviews from Houma Patients Like Yourself:

“Dr. Bilello has been our family dentist for quite a number of years now. He and his staff are both professional and personable. We love the fact that he is pro-active with our dental care. He always alerts us to things that could become potential problems, which in the long run has saved us money. It’s true what they say, “An ounce of prevention, is worth a pound of cure.” He is mild-mannered and very gentle…our girls actually look forward to their dental visits. We have not had any qualms about referring our friends, as we know they will receive the same excellent care we have.”

Hal and Gina N.

“My name is Charlie Miller, a professional New Orleans trumpeter, last year a Thibodaux resident evacuated from Katrina.

Being a professional trumpeter, my teeth are extremely important — in fact, they are a key to my survival. Recently with dental issues, searching for someone who would handle them well, I heard of Dr. Mark Bilello of Houma. Please permit me to congratulate the people of Houma for having Dr. Bilello in your area.

I recently had dental work with Dr. Bilello and have never had such expert work done and such a pleasant experience with a dentist. Dr. Bilello is very gentle, extremely knowledgeable and very caring. He often travels elsewhere in the world at his own expense to special conferences where he studies with the best in his field. He does it so his patients can benefit from the most recent advances in dentistry and receive best care possible. I believe having Dr. Bilello and his staff in Houma is an extraordinary blessing for the Houma people. His staff, including the receptionist, is very, very expert and extremely loving and cordial.

They all seem totally happy working for this kind man every day and with each other. It was such a pleasure for me being in their presence. Congratulations, Houma. And congratulations, Dr. Bilello and staff.”

Charlie Miller

“Dear Dr. Bilello,

I just want to thank you for everything you and your staff have done for my extreme makeover. You have me a smile that I will always be proud of. I will never forget what you’ve done. Tell your girls thank you also. You have a great team there!”

Arlene B.

“Dear Dr. Bilello and Staff:

When I made my first appointment to have a filling replaced I never imagined I would meet so many extraordinarily nice, courteous people. You and your staff have been a real pleasure to deal with on an ongoing basis. My association with you is one of the pleasant experiences in my life during the past six years. I thank you very much for your patients and your kindness. I do apologize for going to sleep every time I was there, but you took such good care of me that I could not help it. Again, I thank you very much for your kindness.”

David C.

“Hi Mark,

I just want to tell you that I’m certainly impressed by you and your achievements. You seem to dedicate your education, experience, time, dollars, and skill to excellence in dentistry. Your commitment to excellence is very special and achieves truly state-of-the-art results in those you serve. I believe that your excellence in aesthetics and function show that every detail reflects the fact that function are design are one.

I truly hope that you can feel the joy that your vocation can bring by your efforts, because if a guy cannot find happiness in his work, there isn’t enough money in the world to fill the void! I feel grateful for your being a colleague in this most wonderful dental profession. Knowing that you’re leaving your mark in this community one patient and one family at a time. Keep up your good work!”

Dr. S E Ellender

“Dr. Bilello,

People see us smile on the outside, but I believe you see yourself smiling from the inside. There is a certain confidence level that radiates through your smile. I am so appreciative to Dr. Bilello and his staff for the kindness and professional service I received to have my confident smile. What a blessing!”

Ellen H.

“Dear Dr. Bilello,

I wish to express my gratitude to you and your staff for completely re-designing my smile! I have literally lived in a dentist chair for three to four months since I’d had teeth, and I can honestly say my experience with you throughout the complete restoration of my teeth, at 56 years old, was the most pleasant experience I have ever had with a dentist.

As most people, I use to fear going to my dental appointments, to the point that I had to be drugged to calm myself down before the dentist touched my mouth. But the professionalism and calm that you and your staff show to patients made each of my many visits a pleasant and not-so-nerve-racking one.

There is not a day that goes by that someone doesn’t compliment me on ‘how beautiful’ my teeth and smile are. And all I can say is ‘Dr. Mark is The Man.’

If at anytime one of your patients would like to ask me any questions about your practice, or how ‘easy’ it is to get a perfect smile, please have them contact me personally.

Thanks again for making an old man look young again (well at least his mouth).”

Greg D.

“Dear Mark,

It was great to hear from you. i want to let you know that we always appreciate any opportunity to work with you. Dentists of your caliber (both in technique and character) are hard to come by. We are dedicated to do all that we can to help your practice ‘shine’ above the rest.”

Mike B.

“Dear. Dr. Bilello,

I wanted to tell you just how much I appreciate your incomparable professionalism and work ethics. You and your staff are truly an exception in this dental industry, especially in the South Louisiana area. If it had not been your priority to put your patients’ care first in addition to providing the latest technological advances, specifically magnification, I would probably be facing numerous amounts of dental problems.

Dr. Bilello, I will never be able to thank you enough for preventing me from going through unnecessary dental proceudres that should have been addressed initially. You and your staff are exceptional, and I am truly blessed to know that my dental care will be in your hands.”

Monica L.

“Dear Dr. Bilello,

Recently at a Dale Carnegie seminar on ‘customer service’ sponsored by the Bayou Chapter Medical Managers, one of our members commented about the wonderful treatment she received in your practice. This woman, who manages a practice of about 50 employees, raved about the personal service your staff provided. I just thought I would pass this on to you, as it is always nice to get compliments – especially when they are unsolicited.”

Paulette B.

“Dear Mark and Staff,

I am so impressed with your practice I want to let you all know about it. Everyone has always been very professional, yet personal. From the time I walk in the door until I leave, I feel like I am the only patient there. My children had a positive experience, and that means the world to me. I am extremely pleased with the progress on my teeth. They seem whiter by the day. You guys have a great practice, and I will send my friends. Thanks for everything!”


“Dear Dr. Mark Bilello,

Thank you so much for giving me a smile that I’m so proud of. You are truly an artist. I used to hate to even open my mouth when growing up. in all my photos I would never smile. Now I’m the first to say ‘cheese!’ And I find myself smiling at everyone I see.

I highly recommend anyone interested in getting veneers to do so. They just have to look at my before and after photos. They will see what a difference that you have made, not only on my teeth, my self confidence as well. I can’t thank you enough. My teeth are beautiful! Thanks for a great smile!”

Wendy R.